Sunday, April 25, 2010

Liver & Bacon - Sustenance in style

This dish is for Nikki, love of my life, 'cos she "don't like liver".  
I know some may think: Hold on, if she "don't like liver" why are you making liver and bacon?
Well, I have found that quite often some dishes can be so traumatic when you are a kid that you never want to touch them again - your nan's sprouts at Christmas cooked to a mush, school cauliflower cheese again cooked to a mush and swimming in rancid "cheese water" - but often by cooking with care and respect, using fresh local ingredients and packing flavour in we can overcome the abuse we suffered as kids!

Lamb and pigs liver: (4min pan fried in butter & ground nut oil)
Gravy: bacon, red onion, bacon & port gravy
Two Tatties Terrine (maris piper & sweet potatoes)
Red Onion Marmalade (port, sherry vinegar & red wine)
Purple Sprouting Broccoli

Needless to say - she, and all the kids loved it and came back for more - phew!

Photo Blog: Rocket, Lemon & Olive amuse bouche

Inspired by a recent trip North Norfolk where we stayed at Titchwell Manor Hotel this great pre-starter served as part of head chef Eric Snaith's innovative seven course taster menu was well worth the effort involved!
Ingredients: Rocket (1 bag), Lemons (3) & Green Olives (15)

Blitz Rocket & Lemon Juice

Add Olives & Blitz


Add sugar stock to taste

Add to NOX gas canister with couple of ice cubes

Serve in flute or shot glass