Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I Lurrve My Kitchen

I love cooking and eating and my kitchen don't often look as good as this!  With 9 of us in the house - 2 adults and a septet of kids from 5 to 13 not forgetting the dog and a rabbit (who has decided to move inside for the winter) - our kitchen it certainly at the heart of the home.

I'll admit that I am very lucky to have been able to build it to my desires - and I mean BUILD IT - myself.  Every brick, block, pipe, wire, cable, rubber floor and drop of paint is where it is due to sweat, blood (but not too much) and quite a few tears along the way.  Okay I didn't weld the steels into place (my welds look like cottage cheese and are probably just as strong, I did not finish the plastering either - okay I can ice a cake but not one upside down and 8m x 12m as the ceiling is!

From my "control centre" I can see most of the ground floor and those I can see can be MSN'd in the office or their bedrooms - although I do have a trumpet ( I can't play but it seemed like a good "car boot" idea at the time) in my larder to rally the troops!

I love my sink - it's big enough for the biggest pots and pans or the dog (although I did install the old sink OUTSIDE with hot and cold running water for veg cleaning etc) and fitted with a mixer, spray head and Quooker instant boiling water tap which is great and has saved us loads on pointless boiling of the kettle which always got forgotten at least 10 times a day.

The units are from ikea and I can't fault them and I love the interiors - I have great clean lines and my every day stuff to hand.  With a bit of "cheating"  I have all those extra bits and bobs - to hand but hidden away with an extra "inside" drawer.

I mentioned the larder - not quite finished but well on the way and at the moment full of all sorts of Christmas treats including my Stir Up Sunday Christmas Puds, mincemeat and home made Lemoncello, Rumtopfs and Christmas Cakes that are maturing nicely in the cool air.

Finishing touches are the Duck Egg Rubber floor that I have taken up the plinths and round the back of the cooker and dishwasher and lovely granite tops.  And I love the clock - an ebay find that just sets it all off.

I hope you have enjoyed this tour of my kitchen - I wanted to set the picture and hope to be blogging on a regular basis over Xmas - any feedback would be very welcome.




  1. Matt it is simply gorgeous. I am green. Greener than your background colour. Greener than Xmas ivy. Greener than... a very green green.


  2. What an amazing Kitchen, even more amazing that you did it yourself! When do you have time to cook?

  3. holy cow your kitchen is awesome. i am ENVIOUS of your counter top space... oh the flour play you could partake in! and that's a whole lot of people in your house! :)

  4. Now that's the kind of kitchen I WANT! Don't think I can build a kitchen like that myself.

  5. What an abundance of space! Love the colour of the flooring.

  6. Thank you - it's Duck Egg Blue Robber from Dalsouple - we have it as a work surface in the office too!

  7. Hi Carol - it's a Belling Cookcentre - Gas Hob with warming bit, an electric grill, slow oven, fan oven and standard oven - been pleased with it.